Photo Restoration Services

Theta Prime Design provides photo restoration services as well as basic image editing, manipulation and enhancement.  Our rates are reasonable, negotiable, and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Email your inquiries to
Basic Fix-up
Eliminate minor dust, scratches, blemishes; adjust tones, levels, etc.  Typically $50 to $100. 

Here's a snapshot from the 1950s.  It's faded, discolored, with dust spots and a sparkly blue speckle along the bottom.
The restoration removed the discoloration, eliminated the dust spots and the blue speckle, revived the natural skin tones, sharpened the eyes a bit and adjusted the overall tones in the photo.  The original was 2.5" x 3.4"; the restoration was resized to print comfortably at 8" x 10".
Serious Restore
As above plus repair major physical damage, restore skin tones, rescue detail, etc. ~$100-$300. This photominature (2.5" x 3.5") from the 1870s was discolored, scratched, pocked, and seemed scribbled on by a blue ballpoint pen.  The restoration fixed scratches and pocks, adjusted tones, cleaned up the blue pen, crisped the girls' features and clothing and was resized to print comfortable at 5" x 7".

Serious Restore
Jn this one, Sargeant Bill lost his eye, among all the other damage.  Luckily he had another one, and with sufficient magic it became properly shaped, sized, oriented and focused to serve admirably.  The original was about 4.5" x 6" and was restored to print comfortably at 8" x 10".

Major Restore
Whatever needs to be done that can be done will be done.  Priced accordingly.
This tintype was barely there, and most of the detail in the clothing was unrecoverable, though some of the texture remains.  But the skin tones and facial features came back nicely.